Our company is focused on providing optimal and safe storage and shipping worldwide.

“TRANSLODZHISTIK” LLC is an energy infrastructure that provide services for storage, transportation/shipping, and port services for crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical and gaseous products domestically and to foreign customers through different and flexible set of frameworks, based on years of experience and international reputation.

“TRANSLODZHISTIK” LLC provides domestic and global clients with high quality service in accordance with the schedule and the scale required to store and ship fuel and energy products.
“TRANSLODZHISTIK” LLC aims to be a regional and international fuel and energy centre and represent a significant link in the chain of distribution of energy products and as a bridge worldwide.
“TRANSLODZHISTIK” LLC plans to expand and diversify our business model and maximize the potential of the infrastructure of the company and its existing opportunities.
Every step of the way “TRANSLODZHISTIK” LLC acts in accordance with their values, including: Safety and environment: maintain high safety standards and using best available technologies.